Thursday, November 13, 2008


For those who haven't had a chance to catch my weekly radio show on Hip Hop Philosophy Radio Here is a taste of what you've been missing. 2 recent sets..The first is some rare 12's in my collection, I turned Serato off that night, and went back to the vinyl crates (remember those?). The other is Part 1 of my D.I.T.C. tribute show..some early joints from the crew both lyrically and behind the boards. Part 2 coming soon...Shouts to the whole DITC crew, cop their new album "The Movement" in stores now. Peace to AC the Program Director who was out here and stayed with me for the Zulu Nation 35th Anniversary. We promoted the hell out of the station, mix CD's and HHP apparel which DJ Premier seems to be real fond of these days (Peep the "Hip Hop Is Not On The Radio" shirt he has been rocking in photos lately.) Also shout to the Rebel Soulstress Isis aka Lin Que, Chuck D, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Caz and the rest of the true pioneers who showed us love this weekend. Enjoy the mixes, and check out the station, 24 hour Hip-Hop: exclusive joints, rare joints, freestyles, demos, and just all around classic Hip-Hop.

Wide World Of Gemz (10-16-08)

01-Bee Why - The Boros
02-Dres - New York City Niggas
03-Lil'Fame - The Hill That's Real
04-Whiteowl Entertainment - Can We Get It On
05-Smooth The Hustler and Trigga Da Gambler - Smith Brothers
06-Mad Skillz - Conceited Bastard
07-Rezidue - Inner City Blues
08-Black Eye - Blue Black
09-Bee Why - Reality
10-Wise Eyez - Back In Time
11-N.O.N. Equation - Transparent
12-IG Off and Hazardous-This Ain't Livin
13-Hi-Tech (Feat.Parallax) - 4 Degrees
14-KGB - Head's On
15-Da Nu Flava - Heated Summer Streets
16-E Money Bags (Feat.Nas) - Want It
17-La The Darkman (Feat.Raekwon) - As The World Goes Round
18-151 Bacardi - Growing Up In The Hood
19-Rakim - New York to Cali
20-Gang Starr - Brooklyn
21-Pop Megga - Raw(AreYouSure)


Wide World Of Gems (10-30-08: D.I.T.C. Edition)

01-Showbiz, AG, LordFinesse and Diamond- Diggin In The Crates
02-Lord Finesse - Isn't He Something (Original)
03-Showbiz & AG - Represent (Feat.Big L, Party Arty and D Flow)
04-Big L- I Don't Understand It
05-Maestro Fresh Wes-Fine Tune Da Mic (Feat. Showbiz)
06-Freddie Foxxx - Killa (Feat. 2Pac)
07-A.D.O.R. - The Realness (Feat. Diamond)
08-Scientifik - I Got Planz (Feat.Diamond)
09-Big L - Let Em Have It L
10-The Legion - Who's It On (Feat.Showbiz & AG)
11-Diamond - Shit Is Real (Feat. Sadat X and Grand Puba)
12-Black Sheep - Without A Doubt (Unreleased Remix)
13-Fat Joe-Part Duex
14-Lord FInesse- Track The Movement
15-Big L-MVP (Unreleased Buckwild Mix)
16-Bas Blasta- The Rythm (Feat. Godfather Don, Lord Finesse, Fat Joe and Juju)
17-Brand Nubian - Scientists Of Sound (Prod. By Lord Finesse)
18-Black Sheep - North, South, East, West (Showbiz Remix)


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FREEMIX: Happy Birthday To You

I had a real good b-day weekend spending time with friends and family and doing what I love to do most..WORKING...I decided to put together a new mix as a gift to myself, and considering the financial crisis that we are in, I am giving this one away and sharing it with my peoples, so Happy Birthday to YOU: Peep the tracklist and cover for the appropriately titled "Hard Times Mix"

01-DJ Babu (Feat. M.O.P.)-Dearly Departed
02-Big Shug-Like A MothaFucka (Prod. By DJ Premier)
03-Heltah Skeltah-The Art Of Disrespekinazation
04-DITC-Hard Hit
05-Jake One (Feat. MF Doom)-Trap Door
06-Jeru The Damja_-Run Rope (Prod. By Large Pro)
07-Butta Verses (Feat. Joell Ortiz)-Rock Mics.mp3
08-Presto _Feat. Sadat X, OC and Large Pro_-Conquer Mentally (Remix)
09-The Lox-It's Like That (Prod. By Pete Rock)
10-Lil Dap-One Hand Washes The Other
11-Heltah Skeltah-Insane (Prod. By Marco Polo)
12-GZA (Feat. Ka)-Firehouse
13-Raekwon (Feat. Ghostface)-Necro
15-Vast Aire (Feat. Vordul Mega)-Mecca and the Ox (Prod. By Pete Rock)
16-Tame One (Feat. Sean Price)-Haha Da Rah Rah
17-Krumbsnatcha-Mind Power (Prod. By Large Pro)
18-Sadat X-Never
19-DJ Revolution (Feat. Blaq Poet and Bumpy Knuckles)-Damage
20-Ill Bill-I'm A Goon
21-Large Pro-Rockin' Hip Hop
22-Lil Dap-Watch Me Do.mp3
23-NYG's-Giants To This (Prod. By DJ Premier)
24-Sauce Money-I Ain't No Joke (Tribute)
25-Statik Selektah (Feat. M.O.P. and Jadakiss)-Living For The City
26-Billy Danze-Savages
27-Tame One-The Night Cap (After The Jam)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Amalgam Digital Blog

Waddup, it's been a minute, I want to let heads know that I am also blogging for Amalgam Digital, giving them some samples and uploads of rare joints from my mixtapes. Amalgam is definitely coming up on the label tip with new projects from Tame One, Joe Budden, Kurious, Max B and The Juggaknots. They are also a dedicated Hip-Hop Download store so pay them a visit and register.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008



This was my first official mixtape, sometime around April 1998. There was one before it, but I'll keep that on the low and post it another time. Check the early style logo, spent alot of time in Kinko's back in those days. Mix features some underground classics, but keep in mind these were all new at the time..Real DJ's break records!!!

01 - Canibus (F. Wyclef) - "How Come"
02 - Big Pun - "Dreamshatterer"
03 - Rasheed & Ill Advised - ""
04 - Indelible MC's - "Weight"
05 - Nas & Large Professor - "One + One"
06 - Cormega - "One Love"
07 - All City - "Priceless"
08 - McGruff - "Many Know"
09 - Big Pun (F. Busta Rhymes) - "Parental Discretion"
10 - Krs One, Zach De La Rocha & Last Emperor - "C.I.A"
11 - Channel Live - "Red Rum"
12 - Heather B - "Do You"
13 - Gang Starr - "The Rep Grows Bigger"
14 - Phesto Of Heirogliphics Interlude
15 - Rasheed & Ill Advised - "Redd Hott"
16 - Heltah Skeltah & Saukrates - "Ultimate MC Rush"
17 - Big Pun (F. Prodigy & Inspectah Deck) - "Tres Leches"
18 - Rah Digga & Bahamadia - "Be OK"
19 - Ras Kass & OC - "Action Guarunteed"
20 - Heirogliphics - "No Nuts"
21 - Mike Zoot (F. Mos Def, Consequence & Talib Kweli) - "High Drama Pt. 3"
22 - Jay-Z & Sauce Money - "Marcy To Hollywood"
23 - Smif N Wesson (F. Buckshot) - "Blown Away"



This was #2. Features a personal favorite..."Feel It" with Diamond and Sadat, some rare Ras Kass (Music Business) & a Ja Rule verse (It never happened again). Peep the rare Duo joint featuring an early DMX verse.

01 - Showbiz & AG - "Full Scale"
02 - Diamond, Sadat X, C-Low, Severe & K-Terrible - "Feel It"
03 - Canibus - "Indestructable"
04 - Krs-One, Big Pun & AG - "Drop It Heavy"
05 - Black Star - "Definition"
06 - Xperado (F. OC) - "Watch Ya Step"
07 - Xzibit, Ras Kass & Saafir - "3 Card Molly"
08 - Naturel, Shabazz The Disciple, Wicked Will, Mr. Eon & L Fudge - "Big Daddy Anthem"
09 - Duo (F.DMX) - "Three Stories"
10 - Ras Kass - "Music Business"
11 - Dilated Peoples - "Work The Angles"
12 - Gang Starr - "What I'm Here For"
13 - Pete Rock, Tragedy, Noreaga & Meccalicious - "Strange Fruit" (Original)
14 - Jay-Z, Ja Rule & DMX - "Mission Impossible"
15 - John Forte (F. Fat Joe) - "They Got Me"
16 - Big Pun (F. Wyclef) - "Carribean Connection"
17 - All City (F. ONYX) - "Fuc Dat"
18 - Gang Starr (F. M.O.P.) - "BI vs Friendship"
19 - Show & AG - "Spit"
20 - Big Pun - "Boomerang"
21 - Cormega - "Testament"



Mixtape #3...Peep the promo by Kool Keith and Black Silver (produced by Marc Live), I was hanging hard with them around this time, they were recording Black Elvis in Philly and I was working for Ruff House, one night in the studio they took a break and did a quick promo for me. Keith normally didn't do that stuff for DJ's, but he liked me I guess. Shoutout to Kut Master Kurt who I took record shopping when he was in town with them..also peep the rare gems by Slick Rick, OGC & KRS-One.

01 - All Armor Intro
02 - Kool Keith & Black Silver - Truck Jewls Promo
03 - Gang Starr (Feat. Kurrupt, Lady of Rage) - You Know My Steez (Remix)
04 - Show & AG (Feat. Ghetto Dwellas) - Q & A
05 - Black Marvel & Sadat X - Right Place For Action
06 - Fat Joe (Feat. Noreaga) - Misery Needs Company
07 - Maestro Manny - How I Feel
08 - The Lootpack - Lost Art
09 - Defari - Never Lose Touch
10 - Sunz Of Man (Feat. Method Man) - Collaboration 98
11 - The Massive - A Jazzy Rhyme
12 - Tribe Called Quest (Feat. Redman & Busta Rhymes) - Stepping It Up
13 - OGC - Hard To The Core
14 - Brooklyn Acadamy - Unusual Jam
15 - The Lootpack (Feat. Alkaholiks & Defari) - Likwid Fusion
16 - KRS-One - One More Shot
17 - Paula Perry - Extra Extra
18 - Mood Swingas - The Blessin
19 - Dynasty - Wild Cat
20 - Sunz Of Man (Feat. Raekwon & U God) - Intellectuals
21 - Big Pun (Feat. Fat Joe) - Glamour Life
22 - Show & AG - Raw As Ever
23 - Slick RIck - Why You Doin That
24 - Tribe Called Quest - Get It Goin On



Mixtape #4...I got early copies of M.O.P.'s First Family album and the Brand Nubian singles, plus the new Black Moon was of my favorite covers, my boys Morris & Jeff did their thing with this one. Features one of my favorite verses ever by Camu Tao in "World Premier" (RIP), an alternate version of "Channel Zero" by Canibus and some early Talib Kweli from the GuessWhylde days...shout out to Matt Fingaz.

01 - AG - "Hidden Crate"
02 - M.O.P. - "Breakin The Rules"
03 - Brand Nubian - "Brand Nubian"
04 - Black Moon - "War Zone"
05 - Tony Touch - "Target Practice"
06 - Company Flow - "End To End Burners"
07 - Ghostface - "Cobra CLutch"
08 - M.O.P. (F. Heather B) - "My Kinda Nigga 2"
09 - Kid Capri (F. Slick Rick & Snoop Dogg) - "Unify"
10 - Saafir - "Smart Bomb"
11 - Kool Keith - "Wearing Make Up"
12 - Company Flow - "Krazy Kings Too"
13 - MHz - "World Premier"
14 - Black Star, Jane Doe, Punch & Words - "Twice Inna Lifetime"
15 - Ras Kass - "H2O Proof"
16 - Brand Nubian - "Get Your Back Up Off The Wall"
17 - M.O.P. (F. Gang Starr) - "Salute 2"
18 - AG - "Hold Mines"
19 - Scaramanga (F. Godfather Don) - "Special Efx"
20 - Fruits Of Labor (F. Talib Kweli) - "Sunshine"
21 - Canibus - "Channel Zero"
22 - Cormega (F. Mobb Deep) - "Killaz Theme"


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Truck Jewls Presents: Progressive Retro (2008)

This is my 10th Anniversary joint that's currently in stores. Please cop the real joint if you like it, it's available @ Sandbox. It took over a year to make, remixes, mash-ups and re-edits from random 12's in my collection. True heads will know how special this is, some cats have no idea what records I'm using. Also features some remixes from previous projects like the Jay-Z Rjd2 remix album & the Black Sheep "Love is Love" series. I play some of these joints out live and blow people away...check it.

Disc 1

01- 2pac - Holla If Ya Hear Me (DJ Lethal's Whooligan Mix)
02 - Rakim vs Run-DMC - Beats To The Rhythm
03- Inspectah Deck - Rec Room (Hook N Sling Mix)
04- Gang Starr vs Redman - Take It Personal (Aksion Remix)
05- Wu-Tang Clan - Pinky Ring (Gold Metal Mix)
06- Biggie Smalls - Party n Bullshit (Phase N Rhythm Remix)
07 - Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique (Attica Blues Remix)
08- Lil Wayne - Where You At (Red Hot Lover Tone Mix)
09- Mike Zoot, Pete Rock, Large Pro & AG - World Renown (Refugee All Star Remix)
10- Rob Swift - Dope On Plastic (Marley Marl Scratch Mix)
11- Talib Kweli - Listen (Dig Dug Remix)
12 - Nas - Made You Look (Joe The Butcher's Halftime Remix)
13- Biggie Smalls - Niggaz Bleed (Large Pro's Hang Out Mix)
14- Black Sheep - Grew Up (Legendary Street Mix)
15- Jay-Z vs RJD2 - Lucifer (Silver Album Mix)
16- Mf Doom - Vomit (Large Pro's Tribe Mix)
17- Freddie Foxxx vs BDP - Keep Doin It Like This (Philosopher Mix)
18- 3rd Bass - Derelicts Of Dialect (45 King's Latino Mix)
19 - The Roots vs PM Dawn - Don't Say Nuthin (Nocturnal Mix)
20- Mobb Deep Feat. Nas - Thug Life (Diamond's Smooth as Suede Mix)
21 - Black Sheep - Choice Is Yours (Bazooka's Original Revisit)
22- JVC vs KMD - Strong Island (Plumskinz Mix)

Disc 2

01- YZ - The Anthem (3 Strikes 5000 Mix)
02- Rakim - I Know You Got Soul (Butt Naked Booty Bless Remix)
03- Big Daddy Kane vs Tim Dog - Hard Being The Kane (Wrecked Mix)
04- 2pac vs The Bongolian - The Lunatic
05- Outkast Feat. Raekwon - Skew It On The Bar-B (Rza Remix)
06- Slick Rick - Mistakes of a Woman (Large Pro Disco Mix)
07- Black Thought vs QDIII - Hardware
08- Tha Liks & King Tee - Likwit (Freda Payne Mix)
09- Raekwon - Curious (Eric B Remix)
10- Biggie Smalls - Niggas (Bad To The Bone Mix)
11- Kool G Rap - On The Run (Kanye's Game Mix)
12- Nas - Thief's Theme (Nightmares on Wax Remix)
13- Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Erule's Synopsis Mix)
14- EPMD - Strictly Business (YZ's Masterplan Remix)
15- Bahamadia vs Mikey D - Total Wreck
16- M.O.P. - World Famous (Legion Mix)
17- AZ - Doe Or Die (Checkmate Mix)
18- Common vs Company Flow - Car Horn (8 Steps Mix)
19- Just-Ice vs Jeru - Goin Way Back
20- Run DMC - My Adidas (Fort Minor Stero Mix)
21- Ghostface Feat Raekwon - Apollo Kids (Enigma's Sad Remix)