Friday, December 3, 2010

The Silver Album - (Jay-Z vs RJD2)

Finally here! This is one of my most successful projects for obvious reasons, but I am really proud of this one. Not much to say, I had an idea during the whole Jay-Z Black album remix craze and turned it into what many think is one of the best of the crop which is saying a lot because there were some good ones. I was just a big fan of RJ at the time and have always had a knack for matching accapellas well with other beats, plus I had already done the PSA remix for a previous mix CD before the Black album remixes started coming out and thought what if I just continued further with that idea and this is what came out...

01 - Intro (RJD2 - 'Silver Fox')
02 - December 4th (Cannibal Ox - 'The F Word remix')
03 - What More Can I Say (Soul Position - 'Right Place, Wrong Time')
04 - Encore (Massive Attack - 'Butterfly Caught')
05 - Change Clothes (Aceyalone - 'Lost Your Mind')
06 - Dirt off your Shoulder (El-P - 'Lazerface's Remix')
07 - Threat (Soul Position - 'Run')
08 - Moment Of Clarity (Soul Position - 'Inhale')
09 - 99 Problems (Diverse - 'Explosive')
10 - PSA Interlude (Soul Position - 'Still Listening')
11 - Justify My Thug (Soul Position - 'Just Think')
12 - Lucifer (Soul Position - 'Suvivor')
13 - Allure (Soul Position - 'No Excuse For Lovin')
14 - My 1st Song (Aesop Rock - 'Kill Em All')
15 - Encore 2 (Polyphonic Spree - 'Soldier Girl')