Friday, December 3, 2010

The Silver Album - (Jay-Z vs RJD2)

Finally here! This is one of my most successful projects for obvious reasons, but I am really proud of this one. Not much to say, I had an idea during the whole Jay-Z Black album remix craze and turned it into what many think is one of the best of the crop which is saying a lot because there were some good ones. I was just a big fan of RJ at the time and have always had a knack for matching accapellas well with other beats, plus I had already done the PSA remix for a previous mix CD before the Black album remixes started coming out and thought what if I just continued further with that idea and this is what came out...

01 - Intro (RJD2 - 'Silver Fox')
02 - December 4th (Cannibal Ox - 'The F Word remix')
03 - What More Can I Say (Soul Position - 'Right Place, Wrong Time')
04 - Encore (Massive Attack - 'Butterfly Caught')
05 - Change Clothes (Aceyalone - 'Lost Your Mind')
06 - Dirt off your Shoulder (El-P - 'Lazerface's Remix')
07 - Threat (Soul Position - 'Run')
08 - Moment Of Clarity (Soul Position - 'Inhale')
09 - 99 Problems (Diverse - 'Explosive')
10 - PSA Interlude (Soul Position - 'Still Listening')
11 - Justify My Thug (Soul Position - 'Just Think')
12 - Lucifer (Soul Position - 'Suvivor')
13 - Allure (Soul Position - 'No Excuse For Lovin')
14 - My 1st Song (Aesop Rock - 'Kill Em All')
15 - Encore 2 (Polyphonic Spree - 'Soldier Girl')


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

M.I.C. Monsta Mash: Halloween Reunion Party 10/29 in Brooklyn

M.I.C. Monsta Mash: Halloween Reunion Party

Featuring Performances from Uppanotch and Monsta Island Czars with Special Guest GYP.
DJ's Bazooka Joe and X-Ray Da Mindbenda on the 1's & 2's

...Limited Food and Drinks available.
Fellas 10$
Ladies 5$

B, D, N, Q, R, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Atlantic Ave / Pacific Street; R to Union Street.

Come out to party with the Monsta Island Czars as the crew reunites and gets ready to record a new album fresh for 2011. On Friday October 29th 2010 We present to you the Monsta Mash Halloween party at The BK Loft 300 Douglass street Brooklyn NY. Performing live the Monsta Island Czars and uppanotch with special guest GYP with Bazooka Joe and X-Ray on the wheels of steel for those of you not familiar with M.I.C. here’s a snip it from a review of their album “ESCAPE FORM MONSTA ISLAND”

MF Doom has mastered the art of the concept album and has become one of the most creative and hard-working artists in hip-hop today. Releasing album after album under different names, MF Doom has joined forces with MF Grimm and more to create Monsta Island Czars aka M.I.C. Originally Zev Love-X of the group KMD, MF Doom has grown to become one of hip-hop’s most enigmatic emcees. His very good friend and fellow emcee, MF Grimm, was locked up during recording and was unable to participate in the project (even though he was the man who had the idea that all of them should team up.) Monsta Island Czars is a collection of hungry underground emcees who have traded their usual names for monsters from old science fiction movies. MF Doom is King Ghidra. MF Grimm is Jet Jaguar. KD (aka Kwite Def) is Kamackeris. X-ray is King Caesar. The others (Megalon, Kong, Rodan, Spiga, and Gigan) all keep their original names because they started out as members. With production handled by X-Ray (King Caesar) and MF Doom (King Ghidra), the concept album Escape From Monsta Island is 20 tracks of hardcore, underground, hungry, creative hip-hop. Sometimes, the deliveries are lightning-fast while others just have that straight hunger. Both on-beat and off-beat, these emcees attack your brain just like prehistoric monsters feeding on major cities.

For those of you not familiar with UPPANOTCH The Time is Now

Danon and Hosannah combine science with sociology to bring the caliber of hip hop UPPANOTCH. Danon is a Queens native with a sharp tongue capable of decimating a speaker. You can feel his life experience in his rhymes, and he’s gifted in everything from the art of story telling to straight lyrical spitfire: "could take six bars, make it an anthem- F the SOURCE I want my face on the moon, like Ralph Kramden- these ain’t delusions of grandeur- hat tilted like black panthers, the flow is chemotherapy- guess the beat is the cancer." Hosannah was born in England , and came to New York in ’83. Raised by hip hop, the kid is slick with the gift. The word play is ridiculous- pay attention, you might miss su’m Hosannah finds a way to hold the track hostage- he’d rather surround it than be on top of it: "Link subjects through rough text- pen a curse on a scroll and have the verse plaguing listeners I provide the spirit through words that grasps parishioners and make em give ten percent of they folds to buy innocence." Danon and Hosannah use different rhyme style and technique to touch your eardrums. Pay close attention to their talent on the debut album, entitled: NO GREATER LOVE and the forthcoming LP, ELEVEN.

Friday, October 29th @ 10pm
300 Douglass St Loft
Park Slope, Brooklyn


Monday, July 26, 2010

Live From the 90 Minute Era PT. 2

Here it is "Live From The 90 Minute Era Part 2" featuring an hour and a half of new joints, fresh for 2010..It wasn't easy, but I managed to find 31 dope new joints with real MC's over real Hip-Hop beats and don't feature Drake, J Cole, Wocka Flocka, or Nicki Minaj...I come from an era where we relied on the ears and guidance of other DJ's to show us the way, nowadays most DJ's are getting by on played out 90's era classics and the mixtape game has become a marketing tool for a corny new artist or some product sponsorship that has nothing to do with a DJ who keeps his/her ear to the street for the real shit and plays the records radio won't or haven't heard yet.

So here are some joints for your truck, ipod, cd player, tape deck, usb 8-track heat from the likes of Roc Marciano, Styles P, Joell Ortiz, Black Sheep, Beatnuts, Raekwon, Ras Kass, some exclusives from Finsta Bundy, EL Da Sensei, Dr. Oop, and a real exclusive joint off my upcoming album with one of New Orleans' finest, Impulss. Last but not least I got some up and coming hungry dudes on there like Mr. Probz, Phace, Daniel Joseph, D.O.N., Conflict, Righteous Da Goddess, and Prince Po's new artist D-Stong...if you like what you hear google it, go see a show, buy a song off is necessary in this day and age...Peace.

01 - Damu The Fudgemunk Medley Intro
02 - Roc Marciano - Short Race (Damu Blend Remix)
03 - Styles P ft Bully - One Way Or Another
04 - J-Live - The Way That I Rhyme
05 - Sci-Fi & Handz - Poison of Choice
06 - Bazooka Joe & Impulss - Star Wars Encore
07 - Dr. Oop ft Rogue Venom - Venomous Verbs
08 - Joell Ortiz - Project Boy (Prod By DJ Premier)
09 - Canibus - Golden Terra Of Rap (Prod By DJ Premier)
10 - Ras Kass ft DJ Rhettmatic - Goldyn Child 2
11 - Conflict - Killin Em
12 - Bamboo Bros - Majik
13 - Finsta Ft Young Pheonix and Hakim Green (Channel Live) - Dow Jonesin'
14 -Supercoven (Goretex) - Controlled Demolition
15 - DJ K.O. ft OC, Torae & Kaze - 3 In The Chamber (Veterano Remix)
16 - DJ Kryptonite ft SmooVth - There's Nothing
17 - D.O.N. - What Really Happened
18 - Righteous Da Goddess - Strive
19 - Sadat X ft Money Boss Playas - Everybody Know
20 - El Da Sensei & The Returners - Pain
21 - Phace ft Daniel Joseph - Keep It Coming
22 - Righteous Da Goddess - The Oath
23 - Raekwon -Range Rover
24 - Black Sheep ft Psycho Les - Important Fact
25 - Torae and Rustee Juxx - Frequency Modulation (Marco Polo Remix)
26 - John Robinson ft Angelz INC - Harlem River Drive
27 - J-Live - Poetry In Motion
28 - DJ Kryptonite ft Roc Marciano and Rusty Grammar - Franco
29 - Styles P - Jake's Story
30 - Mr Probz - Get My Props
31 - Prince Po & D-Stong - Bring It Back
32 - D.O.N - Feelin Alright


Monday, June 28, 2010

Get With This!

In honor of my man Dres' new album "From The Black Pool of Genius", it's only right I post these old mixes we did together a few years back to get y'all in that mood. The album drops tomorrow 6/29, support it...cuz it's dope. These mix CD's we did right before his last album, the very slept on 8WM/Novakane...Dres gave me all access to old files and dats to sort out some real rare Black Sheep joints and some of the 12's I had in my crates anyway...both CD's in one link..enjoy and cop that new album.


01 - Intro
02 - B-Boy Theme
03 - State Of Yo (Feat. Brand New Heavies)
04 - 1st and Then (Prod. By Handsome Boy Modeling School)
05 - Strobelight Honey (Remix)
06 - On The Wall
07 - Similak Child (Remix)
08 - Sleep Record (Unreleased)
09 - Try Counting Sheep
10 - Still In The Ghetto
11 - Bounce To This (Feat. Showbiz & AG)
12 - North South East West
13 - Grand Groove
14 - Jingle Jangle (Feat. The Legion)
15 - Start Of Something Big (Unreleased)
16 - React With A Mic (Feat. Twista)
17 - Sweet Sticky Thing (Unreleased)
18 - 8WM
19 - EFFECT (Feat. Showbiz & AG)
20 - Freak Y'all (Feat. Chi Ali)
21 - Gitit (Unreleased)
22 - Whodat
23 - Damn Right
24 - Red Light Green Light (Unreleased)
25 - Gotta Get Up
26 - Fanatic Of The B Word (Feat. De La Soul)
27 - The Choice Is Yours (Bazooka's Original Revisit)


01 - Starski Intro_I'm The One
02 - Hey (Original)
03 - For The Hood Freestyle
04 - Heed The Word
05 - What's Wrong
06 - Grew Up (Legendary Street Remix)
07 - What
08 - Let the Horns Blow (Verse)
09 - Halftime Freestyle
10 - Endz (Unreleased)
11 - As I Look Back (Unreleased)
12 - Hot Shit (Feat. Ed OG)
13 - Interstate (Unreleased)
14 - Give It Up (Unreleased)
15 - North, South, East, West (Showbiz Remix)
16 - Butt In The Meantime (Remix)
17 - Shut Em Down Freestyle
18 - Chi Ali Letters
19 - It's Goin Down (Feat. Chi Ali & Droop Dog)
20 - Wonder (Premix)
21 - Novakane (Summer Groove)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

NY & NO Connect

NY & NO Connect @ Handsome Willy's with Special Guests on the 1's & 2's DJ Skratchmo & DJ Bazooka Joe straight from New York...spinning the best in Hip-Hop, Funk & Soul all night NO COVER - 10PM...until - make it happen!

Friday, May 28, 2010 10:00 PM - 4:00 AM

Where: Handsome Willy's
218 S. Robertson St.
New Orleans LA 70112

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bazooka Joe & Impulss live from New Orleans May 29th

All My N'awlins people come out and check me out holding it down for my man Impulss in the Big Easy....We'll be performing tracks from our upcoming collabo LP backed by a live band...thats gangster!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Last week I did what every other respectable DJ from my era did...made a Guru mix. Without getting 2 deep, I can honestly say this man was a true inspiration to how I lived my life and viewed the world. It didn't really hit until I made this mix and heard the many lessons and jewels that came out of his mouth. He was a messenger in every sense of the call what he did rap or emcee would diminish the poetry, message and true words of wisdom that so casually flowed on every track he spit on. Unlike so many artists from his era, he never "sold out" or attempted to please the industry and although not everything he did was classic, he had the spirit of a true artist, continuing to experiment with new sounds and ways of music making while maintaining lyrical and spiritual consistency even when the beat was questionable. I learned this by combing through the endless catalog of classics that he left behind. With only a few Gold records under his belt, not 1 current multi-platinum, industry friendly artist in the last 10 years could leave behind a fraction of the Gang Starr/Jazzmatazz legacy.

The mix starts with a radio drop he did for me at the Gavin music convention in Atlanta around 1995. I had met him once a few years before that at the Palladium night club in NYC..he was posted up behind me on a wall watching the show...I turned around, told him I was a fan, gave him dap and kept it moving. I ran into him a 2nd time in Philly after I started doing radio for Villanova...we passed each other in a club, and he remembered me...we had a "don't I know you" kind of moment, and we spoke again..very brief..then I was in Atlanta at this convention running around getting drops from people in the lobby...full radio DJ mode at this point...and who grabs me around the neck from out of nowhere but Guru "wussup Joe"...I couldn't believe that he remembered me by name at that point, he was to this day, the most humble and sincere artist I have ever come across....unfortunately, that was also the last time I saw him on a personal level like that.

This mix is a collection of some rare joints, album cuts and remixes cuz that's just how I get down, but if you need more then check my man Indiana Jones' tribute mix too cuz he worked for EMI and used to bless me with all the exclusive Gang Starr records..test pressings and all that...he was with me at that very same fact I crashed on his hotel room floor so it's only the link to get Jones' tribute mix below



01 - Intro - Gang Starr Foundation radio drop for Bazooka Joe (1995)
02 - No More Mr Nice Guy
03 - Bust A Move Boy
04 - Take a Rest
05 - What You Expected
06 - Above The Clouds (ft Inspectah Deck)
07 - Stripped and Pistol Whipped (ft Big Shug)
08 - Dough In Advance
09 - Gotta Get Over (Large Professor Remix)
10 - Respect the Architect ft Bahamadia (Buckwild Remix)
12 - Down the Line (ft Nice & Smooth, Bas Blasta, Asu, Melo T & Preacher Earl)
13 - Brooklyn
14 - Illkid
15 - So Wassup
16 - Borough Check (ft Digable Planets)
17 - It's Getting Hectic (ft Brand New Heavies)
18 - Blowin Up The Spot
19 - The Place Where We Dwell
20 - 2 Deep (May We Get A Bit Deeper Remix)
21 - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
22 - Weed Scented (ft Party Arty, AG and OC)
23 - Work
24 - Legacy (ft Group Home)
25 - The Come Up (ft Kapital Gainz)
26 - Check The Technique (Remix)
27 - Credit Is Due
28 - Positivity (Remix)
29 - Salute pt 2 (ft MOP)
30 - Riot Akt
31 - What I'm Here For
32 - All 4 The Cash
33 - Momentum (ft Big Shug)
34 - In Memory Of


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Impulss - Marie Laveaux's Hustle Now Available

Check out the new Impulss album..his 3rd..featuring 2 tracks produced by me.."Restless Leg Syndrome" and "Do It" Remix featuring Organized Konfusion legend Prince Po...we are working on a full project together due out late this year stay tuned...and support!

<a href="">Restless Leg Syndrome prod. by Bazooka Joe by Impulss</a>

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back on the Airwaves

Peep this radio set I did last week on the best Hip Hop format station in the world, Radio. Shouts to AC The PD, Splifkin and the Real DJ's Crew holding things down for the true heads all around the globe...Catch the station 24/7 on the HHP Ustream Channel. It's been a while since I repped a set for the station, I will definitely be back in a regular show schedule soon. For now check this set out..2 hours of HEAT featuring new joints from Sadat X, Joell Ortiz, Smiley The Ghetto Child, C-Rayz Walz, AG, Dres and more...Some rare/classic joints from Kweli, Black Thought, Jay-Z, Sauce Money, ODB, Kool G Rap and EL The Sensei...and some new-ness from up and comers like Impulss, Paten Locke, Tough Junkie, Tito Brigante, Don Stone and 950 might hear some of my production sprinkled in there too...big things going on this year behind the decks and behind the boards...enjoy the mix...excuse some of the poor sound quality in the gets cleaner...bump it!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hidden Treasures Part 1 / Gray Area

More from the Double Tape catalog...

Hidden Treasures is probably one of the most popular series of mixtapes I this day they are still selling on Sandbox, Ebay and can be found around the here is volume 1, which has too many rare joints to spotlight, so here's the tracklist...

Tape 1

01 - greyson and jayson feat slick rick - 'get bizzy'
02 - brand nubian - 'love me or leave me alone' (remix)
03 - beatnuts - 'hellraiser' (remix)
04 - show and ag - 'under pressure'
05 - kool keith - 'yo black' (buckwild remix)
06 - scientifik feat diamond - 'i got plans'
07 - tragedy feat havoc and large professor - 'funk mode'
08 - mad skillz - 'skillz in '95'
09 - nas feat sadat x - 'one love' (remix)
10 - mobb deep - 'temperatures rising' (original)
11 - rza feat ghostface - 'who's the champion'
12 - lord finesse - 'you know what i'm about'
13 - brand nubian - 'concerto in x minor' (remix)
14 - main source - 'think'
15 - tribe called quest - 'if the papes come'
16 - digable planets - 'where i'm from' (remix)
17 - smif n wesson - 'all about the cash'
18 - nas feat az - 'life's a bitch' (buckwild remix)
19 - common - 'ressurection' (large professor remix 1)
20 - artifacts feat mad skillz - 'dynamite soul' (remix)
21 - casual - 'that's how it is' (remix)


01 - bdp - 'essays on bdpism'
02 - dimaond feat sadat x and lord finesse - 'shit is real'
03 - gang starr - 'gotta get over' (large professor remix)
04 - mobb deep - 'shook ones' part 1
05 - black moon - 'reality'
06 - pete rock feat tragedy, noreaga and meccalicious - 'str
07 - group home - 'express'
08 - show and ag - 'time for' (original)
09 - channel live - 'mad izm' (buckwild remix)
10 - organized konfusion - 'bring it on' (buckwild remix)
11 - company flow - 'info kill I'
12 - lord finesse feat diamond - 'do your thang'
13 - brand nubian - 'word is bond' (buckwild remix)
14 - artifacts - 'who i am'
15 - young zee feat rah digga - 'juice'
16 - defari - 'big up'
17 - black moon - 'six feet deep'
18 - the roots - 'silent treatment' (beatminerz remix)
19 - ground floor feat lord finesse - 'dig on that'
20 - oc feat organized konfusion - 'won't go far'
21 - krs-one - 'wordperfect'


Gray Area which features some hard to find Wu joints (off their video game), classic DITC joints and some rare Young Zee, AG and Guesswhylde joints that may have never made it onto wax...shout out to Matt Fingaz who would always lace me with some dats fresh from the studio whenever I was dropping something new...and if anyone says anything about the Will Smith song..haha it was dope at the time, and with Biz and Slick Rick over a Jazzy Jeff just seemed worth it...don't hate!


01 - DJ Sat One (Feat. Young Zee) - Fuck That Shit
02 - AG - Seen It All
03 - O.C. - U-N-I
04 - Shyheim - I Declare War
05 - The Crooked Man - Generations
06 - Ghostface Killah - Saturday Night
07 - Wu Tang Clan - Shaolin Worldwide
08 - Truck Turner (Feat. KRS-One) - Bring It To The Cypher (Prod. By DJ Premier)
09 - NWA - Chin Check
10 - DITC - The Foundation
11 - Defari aka Billy The Kid - The Unforgettable
12 - Slum Village (Feat. Q-Tip) - Hold Tight
13 - Mass Influence - All Out
14 - Reflection Eternal - The Express
15 - Screwball - Attention A&R Department
16 - AG (Feat. Guru and O.C.) - Weed Scented (Prod. By DJ Premier)
17 - Bumpy Knuckles - Stock In The Game (Prod. By Pete Rock)
18 - Rakim - Waiting For The World To End (Prod. By DJ Premier)
19 - Common - 6th Sense (Prod. By DJ Premier)
20 - DITC - Champagne Thoughts
21 - Shyheim (Feat. Killarmy & TMF) - One Life To Live
22 - B-1 (Feat. Large Professor) - Put Yourself In My Place
23 - Screwball (Feat. MC Shan) - Hear The Stories (Prod. By Pete Rock)
24 - RSC Emcees - Boogiedown BX
25 - Defari (Feat. Charlie Hustle) - Aged Whiskey, Aged Remy
26 - Louis Logic - Factotum

Tape 2

01 - The Crooked Man - Dusty Tracks Promo
02 - Cash Brown (Feat. Matt Fingaz, 8-Off, Sean Price & Labba - Clubber Lang
03 - Louis Logic (Feat. J Treds) - General Principle
04 - Pharoahe Monch - Livin It Up
05 - Common - Doinnit
06 - Ghostface - One
07 - Big Pun - Leatherface
08 - Cella Dwellas - Launch A Rocket
09 - DJ Sat One (Feat. Pace One) - Any Champion
10 - Slum Village (Feat. Pete Rock - Once Upon A TIme
11 - RSC Emcees - Used To Wish I Could Break
12 - Will Smith, Biz Markie & Slick Rick - So Fresh
13 - Interlude
14 - Bumpy Knuckles - Bumpy Knuckles Baby
15 - Raekwon - Sneakers (Prod. By Pete Rock)
16 - Ghostface (Feat. Wu-Tang) - Wu Banga 101
17 - Reflection Eternal - Some Kind Of Wonderful
18 - AG - A To The G
19 - Mobb Deep - Neva Going Back
20 - Screwball (Feat. Big Noyd) - No Exceptions
21 - Cocoa Brovas - Super Brooklyn (Blend Remix)
23 - Jeru The Damaja - 99.9 Percent (Remix)
23 - Scritti Politti (Feat. Tash and Defari) - Another Sound Mission
24 - Mass Influence - Fraudulent
25 - Blackstar - Little Brother
26 - Outro


Friday, January 29, 2010

Buss Mi Head

New classic reggae and dub mix for my peoples...a little something I put together after my vacation in St Lucia, maybe it was the rum, or burning the yard with the locals, but I had to do this as soon as i got back...enjoy!


01 - Lee Pery and The Upsetters - Mouth Murderer Dub
02 - Clint Eastwood and General Saint - Hey Mr DJ
03 - Barrington Levy - Too Experienced
04 - Sugar Minott - Good Thing Going
05 - Pinchers - Mass Out
06 - Frankie Paul - Rock You
07 - Donovan Carlos - Be Thankful
08 - Home T-4 - Could it be I'm Falling in Love
09 - Junior Delgado and Sugar Minott - Lovely Woman
10 - Jack Radics - Taste of My Love
11 - Branches - Sand on the Seashore
12 - The Dynamics - Music
13 - Wackies - Addis Ababa Dub
14 - Sugar Minott and Wackies - International Herb
15 - The Dynamics - Seven Nation Army
16 - Barrington Levy - The Winner
17 - The Lovejoys - Stranger
18 - Horace Andy - Serious Thing
19 - Johnny Osbourne - Folly Rankin
20 - Musical Youth - Yard Stylee
21 - Silver Fox and Wayne Jarret - Saturday Night Jamboree
22 - Family Love feat Jesse James - Young Girl
23 - Philip Frazer - No Good
24 - Willi Williams - Messenger Man
25 - Sammy Dread - Combination
26 - Davina Stone - Lonely
27 - Sugar Minott - She Stays on my Mind
28 - Lloyd Parks - Ordinary Man
29 - The Key - Overcome
30 - Teasure Don and Lion Heart - Plague of the Land
31 - Tony Rebel - Take Care of Yourself
32 - Clint Eastwood and General Saint - Young Lover
33 - The Dynamis - Move on Up
34 - Johnny Osbourne - Rock and Come In
35 - Richie Spice - Robbery
36 - Clint Eastwood and General Saint - Talk About Run
37 - Tenor Saw - Roll Call
38 - Craig Donovan Adams - Dont Mock Jah
39 - Wayne Smith - Time is a Moment in Space
40 - Barrington Levy - Jah Black
41 - Junior Reid - What They Say