Monday, April 26, 2010


Last week I did what every other respectable DJ from my era did...made a Guru mix. Without getting 2 deep, I can honestly say this man was a true inspiration to how I lived my life and viewed the world. It didn't really hit until I made this mix and heard the many lessons and jewels that came out of his mouth. He was a messenger in every sense of the call what he did rap or emcee would diminish the poetry, message and true words of wisdom that so casually flowed on every track he spit on. Unlike so many artists from his era, he never "sold out" or attempted to please the industry and although not everything he did was classic, he had the spirit of a true artist, continuing to experiment with new sounds and ways of music making while maintaining lyrical and spiritual consistency even when the beat was questionable. I learned this by combing through the endless catalog of classics that he left behind. With only a few Gold records under his belt, not 1 current multi-platinum, industry friendly artist in the last 10 years could leave behind a fraction of the Gang Starr/Jazzmatazz legacy.

The mix starts with a radio drop he did for me at the Gavin music convention in Atlanta around 1995. I had met him once a few years before that at the Palladium night club in NYC..he was posted up behind me on a wall watching the show...I turned around, told him I was a fan, gave him dap and kept it moving. I ran into him a 2nd time in Philly after I started doing radio for Villanova...we passed each other in a club, and he remembered me...we had a "don't I know you" kind of moment, and we spoke again..very brief..then I was in Atlanta at this convention running around getting drops from people in the lobby...full radio DJ mode at this point...and who grabs me around the neck from out of nowhere but Guru "wussup Joe"...I couldn't believe that he remembered me by name at that point, he was to this day, the most humble and sincere artist I have ever come across....unfortunately, that was also the last time I saw him on a personal level like that.

This mix is a collection of some rare joints, album cuts and remixes cuz that's just how I get down, but if you need more then check my man Indiana Jones' tribute mix too cuz he worked for EMI and used to bless me with all the exclusive Gang Starr records..test pressings and all that...he was with me at that very same fact I crashed on his hotel room floor so it's only the link to get Jones' tribute mix below



01 - Intro - Gang Starr Foundation radio drop for Bazooka Joe (1995)
02 - No More Mr Nice Guy
03 - Bust A Move Boy
04 - Take a Rest
05 - What You Expected
06 - Above The Clouds (ft Inspectah Deck)
07 - Stripped and Pistol Whipped (ft Big Shug)
08 - Dough In Advance
09 - Gotta Get Over (Large Professor Remix)
10 - Respect the Architect ft Bahamadia (Buckwild Remix)
12 - Down the Line (ft Nice & Smooth, Bas Blasta, Asu, Melo T & Preacher Earl)
13 - Brooklyn
14 - Illkid
15 - So Wassup
16 - Borough Check (ft Digable Planets)
17 - It's Getting Hectic (ft Brand New Heavies)
18 - Blowin Up The Spot
19 - The Place Where We Dwell
20 - 2 Deep (May We Get A Bit Deeper Remix)
21 - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
22 - Weed Scented (ft Party Arty, AG and OC)
23 - Work
24 - Legacy (ft Group Home)
25 - The Come Up (ft Kapital Gainz)
26 - Check The Technique (Remix)
27 - Credit Is Due
28 - Positivity (Remix)
29 - Salute pt 2 (ft MOP)
30 - Riot Akt
31 - What I'm Here For
32 - All 4 The Cash
33 - Momentum (ft Big Shug)
34 - In Memory Of



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