Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pressure Busts Pipes - OUT NOW

“Pressure Busts Pipes” is a conceptual mixtape/album project I put together to showcase some of my production. The project came about after becoming frustrated with the traditional beat shopping process and trying to find a more creative way to showcase my beat-making skills and prove to myself (if no one else) that I could produce an album all the way through, song for song, with a cohesive sound and a cinematic concept that is consistent with the sound of the albums I came up on as a native NY 90’s Hip-Hopper and in line with the music I have supported throughout my 15+ years as a DJ.

A few of the songs are straight accapellas I found on the web or in my record collection, but most of them were exclusively sent to me by the artists themselves with a green light to remix and 2 or 3 are original studio recordings. The goal with everything I do is to craft a sonic experience more than just a mixtape or remixing a few songs, so I hope you download the whole thing and listen from start to finish as it was intended.

This project took over a year to make and I got blessed by a lot of good people in various ways while making it so I have to say thanks to my wife and son 1st and foremost (the foundation), my mother (R.I.P.), Tom & Corey, Dres of Black Sheep, X-Ray the Mindbenda, D-Smooth & Urbansoul Music Group, AG of D.I.T.C., 950 Plus, Jay Bee, King Phaze, Julien Frank, Nasty North, Finsta, Prospek, Skratchmo, Too Kool Tony, Lionel Splifkin, Hip Hop Philosophy, Nasty North, C-Rayz Walz, , Uppanotch, K.I.M. Studios, The Blue Room, Tom Delay and BrakeFast Records, Dirt Platoon and my man Impulss …look out for our collab album next...Peace

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