Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Impulss n' Bazooka Joe - Bronx, New Orleans Respect Where It Started

A concept album honoring those New Orleans musicians and NY Hip Hoppers who came before us in NY and in NO to deliver us the art forms that people benefit so much from today.

I just got back from the release party festivities in NOLA and the feedback and support for this project out there is incredible, now it's available to everyone, digital downloads and phycical CD's.

Soon to be available on Itunes, Amazon, Emusic etc...but for now stream or purchase it direct from Bancamp.

Thanks to all the guests, DJ's and anyone else that had a hand in making this album, we are very proud of this project and worked hard on it for 2 years, so please show some love.


Also check out the Video for 1st single, "Live Online" directed by Pat Marrero

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